Did you know that the world ciao (hello)- known all over the world – was born in Venice? Don’t you believe it? Here’s  the story… In past centuries, when people met in the calli (the Venetian word for “street”), it was typical to greet each other with the word s’ciavo vostro (literally “your slave”

Lion’s mouth

    Visiting the Doge’s Palace you come across a particular bas-relief which portrays a sort of threatening-looking mask with a crack in place of the mouth. Still walking through the Palazzo, if you look carefully, you can see other simple cracks on the walls. These are the famous Bocche di Leone (Lion’s Mouth). We

Venice, action! Part 2

  Here we are again talking about cinema in Venice. As it has been said over and over again Venice is the perfect set for films; the list is very long and interesting but today we reserve this post for Shakespeare’ drama Othello, directed in its film version by Orson Welles in 1952. The film follows
      The origins of casinos and ridotti in Venice go back to the XIIIth century. The casinos or casini (the proper Italian plural) were small private apartments or “withdrawing rooms” simply called ridotti, where the Venetians met to enjoy themselves, especially at night. Love affairs, political meetings, conversation…, but these places were dedicated