Fights on venetian bridges

Have you ever found strange white marble footprints on some Venetian bridge? Do you know their meaning? Now we will explain it. For centuries two rival factions of very ancient origins – the Castellani of San Pietro and the Nicolotti of San Nicolò dei Mendicoli – clashed with fists on the top of these bridges.


  Did you know that the world ciao (hello)- known all over the world – was born in Venice? Don’t you believe it? Here’s  the story… In past centuries, when people met in the calli (the Venetian word for “street”), it was typical to greet each other with the word s’ciavo vostro (literally “your slave”

Carnival delights, frittelle

The carnival period has begun and if you are in Venice you can not miss the undisputed queen of sweets: the frittella! Walking through the city you can see these typical carnival dough show off in the windows of pastry shops, bakeries and bars. Fine, roundish or a little flattened, sometimes covered with sugar and