In a few minutes we swept gracefully out into the Grand Canal, and under the mellow moonlight the Venice of poetry and romance stood revealed. Right from the water's edge rose long lines of stately palaces of marble; gondolas were gliding swiftly hither and thither and disappearing suddenly through unsuspected gates and alleys; ponderous stone bridges threw their shadows athwart the glittering waves. There was life and motion everywhere, and yet everywhere there was a hush, a stealthy sort of stillness, that was suggestive of secret enterprises of bravoes and of lovers; and clad half in moonbeams and half in mysterious shadows, the grim old mansions of the Republic seemed to have an expression about them of having an eye out for just such enterprises as these at that same moment. Music came floating over the waters--Venice was complete.

Mark Twain, The Innocents abroad, 1869

Venice appears like a mirage, a play of light on stones, bright mirrors generating reflections over the lagoon’s waters…it’s almost unbelievable but it’s a solid reality, it has a history that spans over one thousand years, interwoven moments of splendour and darkness, wars and conquests, outstanding artistic achievements and extraordinary moments of colourful daily life. Everything left a sign, a thousand trails that we invite you to follow….

We are three authorized professional guides, we love our city and we know it deeply, we’re suggesting a set of different itineraries from where you can choose to enter with us into the myth of Venice. Or you can decide a special one of your own, even the most proficient traveller would be impressed by something unexpected…