On March 25th 2021, celebrations for the 1600 years of Venice have started! Legend intersects with history, and indeed legend and history feed one another in the name of the great myth of the origins of the lagoon city.   Some scholars embrace the idea of Venice as “a Roman creature”; others tend to

Devil’s bridge

If we believe the legend, known with slight variations all over Europe, the devil must have been a very active builder of bridges. In Venice, a city of water where bridges of different forms and dimensions are over 400, a demonic touch can’t be absent, of course. In the Castello area for example, “Devil’s bridge”

Venice, action! Part 3

Today we will talk about the film Masquerade (original title The Honey Pot -1967) by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.The film was based on the play Mr. Fox of Venice by Frederick Knott, the novel The Evil of the Day by Thomas Sterling, and loosely on the 1606 play Volpone by Ben Jonson.  It stars an elegant Rex Harrison as the

Fights on venetian bridges

Have you ever found strange white marble footprints on some Venetian bridge? Do you know their meaning? Now we will explain it. For centuries two rival factions of very ancient origins – the Castellani of San Pietro and the Nicolotti of San Nicolò dei Mendicoli – clashed with fists on the top of these bridges.