The Lumière brothers in Venice

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It was July 9, 1896 when the French brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière projected their works in Venice, at the San Moisé theater (later demolished). The first film screening, strictly by invitation, was received with great enthusiasm that the screenings followed one another for about two months.

In 2016, at the 73rd Venice Film Festival to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the first cinema projection in Venice, 9 other “moving Venetian views” of the Lumière brothers were screened, including pigeons in San Marco square, a gondola which is landing near San Giovanni e Paolo and the Bridge of Sighs: all very picturesque subjects, as the two French brothers preferred.

But in addition to this, the Lumière brothers and their crew got on a vaporetto and with the camera immortalized all the way along the Grand Canal: it is the first moving film in the history of cinema, since the cameras of the time were fixed on the tripods and did not allow any movement.