James Bond agent 007

Continuing with our overview of films set in Venice, we could not fail to mention the films starring the famous secret agent James Bond. Her Majesty’s secret agent who fights enemies with class and elegance could not fail to land in a city that is just as elegant and refined. In fact, among the many

Venice, action! Part 3

Today we will talk about the film Masquerade (original title The Honey Pot -1967) by Joseph L. Mankiewicz.The film was based on the play Mr. Fox of Venice by Frederick Knott, the novel The Evil of the Day by Thomas Sterling, and loosely on the 1606 play Volpone by Ben Jonson.  It stars an elegant Rex Harrison as the

Venice, action! Part 2

  Here we are again talking about cinema in Venice. As it has been said over and over again Venice is the perfect set for films; the list is very long and interesting but today we reserve this post for Shakespeare’ drama Othello, directed in its film version by Orson Welles in 1952. The film follows

Venice, action!

Have you ever wondered how many films have been shot or set in Venice? Some very old, others recent, famous or not , romantic films and action films … in total there are about 700 movies filmed here. You know, Venice is the perfect city as a setting for films of all kinds, so we