The venetian sultana

Perhaps not everyone knows that a Venetian lady was the wife of the Ottoman sultan Selim II: Cecilia Venier-Baffo, better known as Nûr Bânû. She was the daughter of Violante Baffo and Niccolò Venier – exponent of the Venetian patriciate and lord of the island of Paro, where Cecilia was born in 1525 ca. Around

Carnival delights, frittelle

The carnival period has begun and if you are in Venice you can not miss the undisputed queen of sweets: the frittella! Walking through the city you can see these typical carnival dough show off in the windows of pastry shops, bakeries and bars. Fine, roundish or a little flattened, sometimes covered with sugar and

La Madonna della Salute

As every year on November 21st the tradition is renewed. The feast of the Madonna della Salute was established in 1630 at the end of the bubonic plague epidemic that struck the city, to give thanks to the Virgin and her intercession. According to tradition, a floating bridge is built to join the two banks

Last sunday of Carnival

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