Patricia’s Experience

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Last summer I had the great pleasure of meeting a lovely couple from Canada, for a tour throughout my city, Venice.
It was a sunny, early-June afternoon when I entered one of the most charming hotel in Venice and I found Patricia and Maher sitting at the bar.
We had an amazing chat about the city, its history and highlights and then we got in a water taxi for our tour.
Little by little I discovered I was on the same boat with Patricia Sands, the best-selling writer!!! Could you imagine my surprise?? It was thrilling!!! I was touring a famous writer and her husband around Venice and I was so excited!
They were here for a short break on their way to the south of France, which is like a second home for them.
I had to admit I had never read one of her books before…  Patricia talked about them in an engaging way that I desired to read them all, and that was I did and I loved them!
So now my hope is Patricia decides to write a new one set in Venice…who knows?
If you want to know more about Patricia you have just to click on this link and -of course – you have to read her novels!
Thank you Patricia and Maher for our nice afternoon I wait for you here in Venice again!