Venetian churches hold one of the most extraordinary art treasures in the world. In their interior paintings, scupltures, gold, mosaics, frescoes, precious fabrics bewitch the visitor and tell him about centuries of art, history and devotion. These are sacred places so you must dress accordingly: shorts, miniskirts, sleevless dresses or blouses are not allowed. You’re asked to switch off your mobile phone and to keep a respectful silence. You’re also not allowed to take pictures or films.

Would you wish to say a prayer, in each church there’s always a chapel closed to visitors and reserved for this purpose. All churches are closed during Mass celebration. For any further information you may need you can ask the personnel on duty. The most interesting churches have an entrance fee of € 3,00 each, but you can also buy a convenient pass to visit them all. Please note that the sum thus collected are mostly used for the preservation and restoration of the same churches.

Please note: for security reasons it’s forbidden to take into St.Mark’s Church backpacks, suitcases or big bags. You can use the storage room provided at the Ateneo San Basso, in the Piazzetta dei Leoncini, just around the left corner of the Basilica itself. If you’d like to avoid the long queue at the main entrance, you can make a reservation for the privileged access paying € 3,00 per person (for further information please visit the official site at

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