I took my degree in foreign languages and literatures at the prestigious University Ca’ Foscari in Venice. I am a freelance journalist. I like writing, but above all, I like to use my voice in order to tell and communicate. The fine arts and the theatre have always been my great passion. That’s the reason why I love working as a tourist guide right here in Venice. Venice is actually my parents’ birth-place; besides, this city is for me a true stage and an extraordinary work of art in the open air.


I was born in this enchanting city, and here I’ve studied, literature and art history, at Ca’ Foscari University. Art is my great passion : to visit museums, to draw and to photograph. I also love to travel the world and see the beauty present everywhere, and then to come back to Venice, to tell about this magic place where beauty can be breathed in every corner.


I was born and grew up in Venice, a unique city in the world. I took my degree in Spanish at the famous University of Ca’ Foscari. I spent some years in Spain and I love to travel, discover new countries and new cultures. I’m a Spanish teacher at an Institute for Tourism and I’m also an authorized guide, one of the most beautiful and interesting jobs: whoever wants to discover Venice, I make you know my city, her secrets and atmosphere.